Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Whilst sneezing continuously today, walking through a corn field, I zoomed in and snapped this photo....
I am really interested in the curly whirly type thing on the top of its head - let me tell you more.....

Butterfly proboscises are slender tubular feeding structures.  The proboscis works like a straw through which a butterfly drinks its food (It smells it's food with its feet!).  The proboscis is particularly well adapted for reaching into flowers for nectar and for piercing fruit.  When a butterfly is not feeding it keeps the proboscis curled up on top of its head.

So, there we are.......some more information to mull over!


Blogger Kristy Johnson said...

What a lucky capture! I'm intrigued by the "curly whirly" thing too! Thanks for sharing!

7 July 2010 at 11:23  
Blogger longneys said...

Great catch! Not only an amazing photo but a learning experience for visitors. Thanks!

7 July 2010 at 23:51  

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